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SUNGLAZE is an architectural glazing system with elegant design and appearance.

It offers high versatility, low maintenance and a sustainable design for various architectonic challenges. SUNGLAZE incorporates standing-seam profiling and glazing that enable wide spans and high load resistance.

  It can be specified in various lengths to match various structures, including flat and curved designs.

Main Benefits:

- Glass-like clear appearance
- Standing seam leak-proof performance
- Free thermal expansion
- Caulking and silicone free
- Withstanding high loads
- Easy, fast and safe installation
- Minimal maintenance


- Architectural projects
- Commercial and retail
- Sport venues roofing
- Covered walkways
- Open markets
- Service stations
- Entrances
- Pool covers
Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
SUNGLAZE panels are guaranteed for water leak-proof performance for 25 years. SUNGLAZE panels bear a limited lifetime warranty not to lose more than 6% of light transmission for 10 years and no more than 1% per year thereafter, when measured according to ASTM D1003-77. SUNGLAZE panels are warranted for up to 10 years from the date of purchase not to break or fail as a result of impact by hail measuring up to 20mm in diameter, in speed of up to 21m/s.
Note: Warranties only apply to installations and maintenance that follow PALRAM installation instructions and specifications.

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