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PALRUF corrugated PVC sheet is an all-round durable roofing solution, combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact.

PALRUF endures harsh chemical environments where other roofing materials will quickly become corrode, making it ideal for roofing, siding and cladding applications in industry, agriculture and construction.

PALRUF is available in a variety of clear and opaque colors and many profiles. It can be easily installed in
DIY applications around the house using ordinary tools.

Main Benefits

         Excellent chemical resistance

     Weather and UV resistant
     High fire resistance
     PALRUF® HYG: Active hygiene
     Will not rust or corrode
     Ideal for arched roofs & curved walls
     High impact - Resists breakage
     Easily handled, quickly installed
     Requires minimum maintenance

Typical Applications:

Coastal construction, public buildings, parks, sports and recreation facilities.
Chemical and pharmaceutical plants,ports, pulp and paper plants, power stations,
mines, metal processing facilities.
Greenhouses, cow sheds, henhouses, pigpens, barns and machinery sheds.
Sun houses, skylights, garages (carports),porches, patio enclosures, verandas,pool enclosures, awnings, partitions and gazebos (pergolas).
Food Industry
Food manufacturing plants, storage and refrigeration rooms, sorting halls.

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Distributor Scala Plastics:


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