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Fibre cement flat sheets

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Information about flat sheets


Why you should choose SVK fibre cement slates

Comprehensive Certification
SVK fibre cement slates belong to the strongest class (class B) in accordance with
the European Standard EN 492. They offer the most comprehensive range of
certification, underpinning their quality and reliability.
Comprehensive range of colours and accessories
Choose between five colours: blue-black, Welsh blue, cloud grey, terra cotta
and manganese brown. Our wide range of products helps you to achieve
a perfect finish to your roof. Some of the above colours are available to
special order only.
Different types of slates and sizes
SVK slates are manufactured to the following specifications:
• slates with smooth surface and square edges
• slates with textured surface and square edges
• slates with smooth surface and dressed edges
• slates with textured surface and dressed edges
They are available in different sizes. Our large size, 60 cm x 30 cm, offers the
advantage of less slates per m2 thus reducing labour costs.
Dimensional stability
SVK slates offer structural consistency, negating the need for preliminary on site
sorting. This combined with their ease of installation results in considerable
savings in time and associated costs on site.
Light weight
Due to their light weight, SVK slates do not require a heavy load bearing roof
construction, which means less timber is required for the structure.
Easy to work
The strength and stability of SVK slates make them resistant to breakage and are very
easy to work with on site.
Environmentally friendly
At SVK we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Along with using
organic fibres, the slates are also coated with an acrylic based coating.
Moss inhibiting constituents
In order to inhibit moss growth, special moss inhibiting constituents are added to
the double coating.
Easy to handle
SVK slates are packed in easy to handle bundles.

Distributor Scala Plastics:


Owens Corning - a world leader in the production of TruDefinition™Duration® fibreglass shingles and PINK INSULATION® glass wool.


SVK - a Belgian manufacturer of fibre cement. Our offer includes fibre-cement tiles Ardonit® and Montana®, façade tiles and corrugated sheets Neptunus.


Palram - the company is one of the largest manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets.
The wide range of products includes: multi-wall, corrugated, ribbed and solid polycarbonate panels.

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